Just write

Just Write. That tends to be the overriding reply that came back from my latest blog post in which I rambled on (after a few alcoholic beverages) about why I have returned to blogging.

“Just write” has been a consistent theme from people when I say “I don’t know what to write about?” or I completely over think things when it comes to opening wordpress and hitting those keys on the laptop. As soon as I have thought of something to write, I then think of numerous reasons why I should not do so and this has held my blogs back for years. So blow it, from no one I am going to bore the pants off everyone and just write.

We all have stories to tell, some more interesting than others and none of us have such exciting lives that every post we publish is amazing to read. Therefore I shouldn’t beat myself up so much about what I write.

When I strip blogging back and why I enjoy it so much, I always come back to the fact I enjoy emptying my thoughts onto the internet and enjoy reading other blogs too. From now on I should just keep it simple by reading posts and writing what the hell I want. If people read it and enjoy it then great, if not what’s the worst that can happen?

Where have I been and where the hell is this going?

After a long sabbatical from blogging I’ve decided to reappear. Why? I’ve no damn idea but hell let’s have a go at it again.

I could write about my holiday to Greece and how that country has been superbly dealing with a pandemic and how I felt safer in the Ionian sea than I did in the UK but I would lose my shit big time and write something wholely inappropriately about this country.

Then there’s the time I decided to join the BMW club and buy an Xdrive Msport auto beauty of a car but that would be constructed as showing off.

Then I could write about work but I would get shot and then sacked if I discussed the job I do so that’s out of the window.

I could write about how my lad returns to school this week and I will put my mortgage on the fact his school will be closed down within a month because of a positive covid test in weeks but I won’t.

So what the hell do I write about? If I do a dairy my life is too boring to detail the minor things that happen.

If I write about topical subjects i fear my thoughts are too extreme and I may end up in trouble.

I cannot be arsed with telling tales of family days out because I’m too busy enjoying those days out.

I could write about family life but to be fair, the juicy details of tantrums, fights, bonding, growing up, teenage years have all been and gone and I should have written years ago about our experiences with a horrendously bad matched adoption with a child who was on a self destruct path who stormed out at 17.

So for months I’ve toiled with what to write about and I’ve still not got the faintest idea what to build this blog on.

Can you help me with this conundrum?

Cold turkey through writer’s block

Recently I have struggled on a daily basis to think of things to write about online. I cannot use the excuse of not having any spare time to blog as I have had more than enough time on my hands recently. Facing up to writing an original post has been like looking up a mountain. I just couldn’t bring myself to type the words. Continue reading “Cold turkey through writer’s block”


As the title suggests I am massively guilty of overthinking when it comes to writing and blogging. In fact, I have just had a whatsapp conversation with a mate of mine about the very subject. Far too often I come up with writing ideas and within seconds have talked myself out of writing with any number of reasons why not to publish. Instead I should take my friends advice and just write.

Continue reading “Overthinking”