Striking a balance with life under lockdown

Recently I wrote about my positive life changes during lockdown but like everything in life, there is always a flip side and there are a few things that I have let slip and which have steadily got on my nerves. Continue reading “Striking a balance with life under lockdown”

My positive life changes during lockdown

Strictly I was never fully locked down during these last three months being classed as a “key worker” I continued to go to work so I never felt completely holed up in the house like many other people. However, I have used this time to make some positive changes to my life and although I am sharing those changes here I am in no way saying you have to follow these. That would be me being a dictator. Continue reading “My positive life changes during lockdown”

Monday Monday

Monday so far has seen me be slightly grumpy and very tired after several early starts working the weekend. Add some alcohol in the form of cold beers yesterday evening and you could probably add sluggish to grumpy and tired. I had achieved the grand total of hoovering the house and tinkering with my blogs theme so far this morning. I glance up at the clock on the kitchen wall and it’s already 1pm, time waits for no man they say. Continue reading “Monday Monday”

Blowing out of my ass

After spending most of December and January building up my fitness by jogging either on the road or the treadmill at work, February struck and all that hard work went down the drain and I feel like I am back at square one – blowing out of my ass again. Continue reading “Blowing out of my ass”