My positive life changes during lockdown

Strictly I was never fully locked down during these last three months being classed as a “key worker” I continued to go to work so I never felt completely holed up in the house like many other people. However, I have used this time to make some positive changes to my life and although I am sharing those changes here I am in no way saying you have to follow these. That would be me being a dictator. Continue reading “My positive life changes during lockdown”

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Put down the phone and read

It is fair to say that I have been building up to this decision for some weeks now possibly brought on sooner by lockdown and the time I have been afforded due to this. As much as I have had a thirst for information endlessly scrolling through apps and news feeds I have equally had an urge to do the opposite. Longing to detach the phone from my right hand and quietly sit and read a good book. Continue reading “Put down the phone and read”

Everyday is like Sunday

Morrissey once sang “Everyday is like Sunday, everyday is silent and grey” which is a particular favourite tune of mine but for me those lyrics sum up nicely everyday under lockdown in the UK. OK so not every day has been grey, that’s just a technicality, we here in the North West of England have actually seen sunshine but you get where I’m coming from? Continue reading “Everyday is like Sunday”