Diary of our lockdown – Part 2

Here I document the second part of my time off work in lockdown in the UK. You can read how my first few days off went here, we had DIY haircuts and DIY around the house too so here is how the rest of the week went. Continue reading “Diary of our lockdown – Part 2”

Diary of our lockdown – Part 1

Being a key worker has meant my sanity has remained intact by getting out of the house, seeing people at work and avoiding looking at the same four walls all day. We decided not to cancel our week off work instead take advantage of some time away from work and feel like the rest of the population in lockdown. I thought it would be a good idea to diary my nine days off in lockdown, maybe I will look back at it in years to come fondly or otherwise? Continue reading “Diary of our lockdown – Part 1”

Tiny steps into podcasting

Since the New Year I have began a journey into podcasting on my sports blog. Self teaching myself what equipment to use, where to host, which editing software to use, etc. Whilst it has been relatively straightforward, there is still plenty of research to do before you get recording. Continue reading “Tiny steps into podcasting”

Blowing out of my ass

After spending most of December and January building up my fitness by jogging either on the road or the treadmill at work, February struck and all that hard work went down the drain and I feel like I am back at square one – blowing out of my ass again. Continue reading “Blowing out of my ass”

Everyday is like Sunday

Morrissey once sang “Everyday is like Sunday, everyday is silent and grey” which is a particular favourite tune of mine but for me those lyrics sum up nicely everyday under lockdown in the UK. OK so not every day has been grey, that’s just a technicality, we here in the North West of England have actually seen sunshine but you get where I’m coming from? Continue reading “Everyday is like Sunday”

Weekend in The Lake District

This weekend we celebrated our wedding anniversary, 23 years and counting. There have been a fair few bumps in the road along the way, but whose marriage was ever smooth running? Each year we try to celebrate our anniversary by going away for the weekend minus the kids, just some quality time together. This year was no different and we booked a gorgeous hotel in the stunning Lake District, Grasmere to be exact. Continue reading “Weekend in The Lake District”