Clearing out the rubbish in my life

Yesterday I wrote about how I’ve closed down my other blog, today I am listing all the associated accounts that took up all my time that have been consigned to the dustbin.

So in fact I have closed down two websites as I had just started up ANOTHER one recently, closing it within the first 30 day notification period. Clearly I was searching for a new niche in my blogging experience but all the time I needed to close ranks and make my life much simpler.

So two websites which both had email accounts attached have been closed. Then each had a Facebook page and a twitter account attached, all deactivated.

Then I remembered I had three other email accounts some personal ones that I had opened over time but hardly ever used. They are now set to deactivate.

Feeling the need to have a sabbatical from social media I have deactivated but not deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Every now and then I need a breather from all the noise on those sites.

When I look at what I have closed down is it any wonder my head was fit to bust with all that swirling around inside it?

I’m now left with one personal email account, one blog (this one) and a twitter account where I catch up with all the news, sport, current affairs, weather, etc.

The best piece of advice I was ever given was KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (K. I. S. S) and I have finally listened to that advice.

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