End of an era

After 18 months of writing, publishing and running my football website I have called it a day and closed down the domain and site.

Why? A number of reasons really. Firstly I haven’t the time to run it as comprehensively as I would like. I would have preferred to publish more content and although I have had friends help write or join me on podcasts ideally I would have liked more help from others to build the site.

I would have liked to have joined forces with other bloggers who contribute regularly but that never happened. I did collaborate with other blogs and social media accounts which drove traffic and was fun in the process but nothing permanent which stood the test of time.

Recently I have found that my personal life is getting busier. My days off are spent decorating my eldest sons flat which I know won’t take forever but it’s taking up all my time.

There’s always a list of chores that I’m forever chipping away at. Working full time and having a family means writing slips down the pecking order in my life. I also find it difficult to produce decent content on social media and all those frustrations have boiled over.

I have been considering closing the website down recently but today I made the decision. I just don’t have the time or head space to run it and the social accounts that go with it.

So with a heavy heart the site will disappear overnight. Gutted? Yes. Relieved? Yes. But that’s life. I need to concentrate on the important things in life and not a hobby.

3 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. No matter how things turn out, they’re still valuable in the lessons they give. Perhaps this will be your stepping stone to coming up with another great project. It sucks to close down a passion project, but I’m looking forward for your next one!

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