Its fair to say that this week can be summed up in one word, the title of this blog frustration. Everyday I have come up against struggles and challenges that appear small in size but seem to irritate me greatly. The longer the week has progressed, the more frustrated and angrier I have become.

For a long time I have allowed my son to share my laptop which has been absolutely fine. We balanced out the time on it and all was good in the world. Then I bought him a Chromebook for his schooling as more and more work is online especially whilst off school during lockdown. Now he is happily playing on his Chromebook, my laptop has developed power issues.

It has happened previously but I managed to resolve it and I know it is a simple software issue and not a battery one. The battery never charges and the laptop dies as soon as you pull out the charger. I do recall finding a way to reset this issue on a forum online but this time I cannot seem to resolve it. I have even reset the laptop scrubbing everything off it but that hasn’t resolved it. Now I have no bookmarks and I will have to download all the software I did have previously. Just another example of how something so simple can get my blood boiling. Let me not even talk about how long it takes a laptop to reset!

My son has not even been back to high school for a full two weeks yet and his whole year group have been sent home to self isolate for 14 days because one child has tested positive for covid. I did joke that this would happen in the first month of him returning, I never thought it would only take 11 days.

On the subject of school. Despite the school being closed for 6 months and plenty of time for the teachers to have training days whilst the children are at home, they decide to close school on Friday in the first two weeks of the first term for a teacher training day. I mean really!! Maybe I should become a teacher, you are never in work.

Anything and everything seems to be irritating me at the moment. The news is full of doom and gloom around covid. Social media is becoming more anti social than ever. Despite being a passionate football fan since I was 7 years old, I have lost so much interest now football is played behind closed doors with no atmosphere or fans.

I miss going to games and watching football behind closed doors actually feels like watching paint dry, I really cannot take to the new season. That is something I never thought I would hear myself say.

If you have managed to read right to this point then I commend you as I know my mood is a dark one at the moment and I have no reason why. People, trials and tribulations appear to be making my blood boil. Here is hoping a few days off work will set me straight again.

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