Striking a balance with life under lockdown

Recently I wrote about my positive life changes during lockdown but like everything in life, there is always a flip side and there are a few things that I have let slip and which have steadily got on my nerves.

Whilst I have said numerous times I have found a number of positives from lockdown including peace & quiet, we have had a dry summer and the better side of human nature came to the fore I have allowed boredom to annoy me. 

When I would have usually been busy popping out to see my dad or going into Manchester city centre to meet a mate for breakfast, I have been at home putting my feet up and chilling out. I have found you cant have your cake and eat it. 

Having my wife and son around has been great. I’ve enjoyed seeing them, eating more with them, fetching them drinks and attending to all their needs not to mention not having to iron uniforms and hurriedly make packed lunches last thing at night. 

It has been great sitting and reading or binge watching Bosch on Prime. Relaxation has been wonderful but I have been lazy when it has come to cycling or blogging. Those two hobbies alone help me to empty my head and switch off from work. Whereas sitting at home has meant my mind has been full of junk and over three months I have become very irritable because the junk inside my head has built up. 

Sitting around is nice but it comes with constantly washing up, hoovering and all the chores that eventually get on your nerves. Whilst out of the house you occupy your mind and have a break from all the chores and mundane things that irritate you to death. 

I have always been a believer in “the more you do the more you want to do” and conversely “the less you do the less you want to do”. 

By sitting around chilling out and enjoying the rest I have to balance that with doing less and therefore becoming irritable by small matters. I need to occupy my mind. 

Maybe you think I am being dramatic or never happy but this is where I am at the minute. 

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