Having come off a set of night shifts the coffee is keeping me (barely) operating so I’ll do my best to appear coherent. We have had a move round in the house this weekend creating a better office space for my wife to work from home.

Since the start of lockdown she has been working from home, taking calls and participating in Microsoft Teams calls all in our dining room. It worked well as our son would do his school work in his room and I would float around doing my stuff assisting by serving her coffee throughout the day. Although it worked well, she wanted to separate her work and home space. Keep the downstairs homely and work elsewhere.

We are fortunate to have a huge bedroom on the third floor in the loft space and a corner was used as an office. Although the corner was cosy, it was a bit dark and cramped so we had a slight move around and repositioned the office part and now she is happier with the location of her “home office”.

So we have a role reversal. I am downstairs monitoring the pets which means being at their beck and call for feeding, etc whilst my wife has some peace upstairs. So I am now blogging in the dining room which suits me too. I can listen intently to Bosch on Amazon Prime TV without her phone ringing constantly and struggling to hear the TV whilst there’s conference calls going on in the next room.

Coming off a set of night shifts means depriving yourself of sleep so you can get back into a proper sleeping pattern at night. Today my alarm got me up just after noon with only just over 4 hours sleep, that way I should sleep later but I am a bit of zombie until then but needs must I guess.

I wrote previously that I had made the decision to read more and I managed to fly through a Bosch book “Two Kinds of Truth” in no time I enjoyed it so much. Today starts a 9 day break for me and I plan to make a start on another Michael Connelly book about Bosch this week. Add to that I finished series 1 of the tv series and made my way onto series 2. Yes I am a big fan!

I’m racking (or is it wracking?) my brain for things to mention but not much is making its way onto the keyboard, maybe it’s a good time to finish. Enjoy your week.

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