Cold turkey through writer’s block

Recently I have struggled on a daily basis to think of things to write about online. I cannot use the excuse of not having any spare time to blog as I have had more than enough time on my hands recently. Facing up to writing an original post has been like looking up a mountain. I just couldn’t bring myself to type the words.

This struggle has drained me hugely. Torn between wanting to write and publish work yet having a mental block and doubts flying through my mind have meant the keyboard has been idle. Having decided to cut back on my social media use and cull a blog I hardly used, I thought I would have more time to concentrate on writing posts rather then endlessly scrolling on social media.

Having been riddled with guilt for not writing I have constantly been battling with my thoughts on what to write but instantly why I shouldnt write. Only the other day, my head was spinning that much with this very issue, I ended up exhausted and had to have a lie down in bed the whole thing wore me out that much.

Eventually I managed to put all these negative thoughts aside and managed to write some posts which then appeared to open the floodgates. Now I cannot stop writing.

These last few days I appear to have gone Cold Turkey with my writers block. Thankfully I didn’t do anything drastic like delete the blog (which I have done previously!) Over time I just managed to put the issue to one side and wake up the next day and start writing again.

We all suffer from writer’s block and on more than one occasion but it is to be expected. As I am still working I am acutely aware that I am too tired to write when I have worked so I put a lot of expectation to write on my days off. If on those days off I struggle to write, then starts the frustration, blockage, etc.

In the grand scheme of things, writer’s block is not the end of the world even if it feels that way. Sometimes the only way to get over it is to walk away, stop worrying about it and keep your mind busy with other things. Then the blockage has been forgotten about and you can start up again from where you left off and get writing. Writer’s block is always a temporary thing, give it a day or week and you will find it has evaporated into thin air.

Do you suffer from writer’s block? What tips can you share to help with this issue?

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