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Put down the phone and read

It is fair to say that I have been building up to this decision for some weeks now possibly brought on sooner by lockdown and the time I have been afforded due to this. As much as I have had a thirst for information endlessly scrolling through apps and news feeds I have equally had an urge to do the opposite. Longing to detach the phone from my right hand and quietly sit and read a good book.

The more I have thought about this, the less I have managed to do so until now. We have all been there where we quickly check our phone only to read the same updates as it was only a few minutes since we last checked. We check social media expecting a flurry of new and interesting posts only to see the same ones we saw in the previous hour as its the middle of the day and people are not posting anything.

If your lucky (or not) you see posts pop up in your news feed from days ago that the platform failed to show you at the time, algorithms eh? It is scary to see how much time we waste on our phones constantly checking and refreshing.

Since lockdown I like so many others have had more spare time on my hands. Once you have ticked off all those house chores that have been waiting to be done for months you kind of run out of things to do. We have also been blessed with the driest April in a long time and I can only count on a few occasions where we have had a day full of rain. All this has me longing to sit in the garden without the distractions of a smart phone and read a good book.

A little side note here in that I had culled some of my social media platforms. Having had three, yes three blogs as well as the social platforms that come with those I made a decision to keep what was important to me. So one rarely used blog was deleted along with the Twitter account. Then two Instagram accounts followed, one for my football blog which I barely used and the other my personal account which again I really didn’t take to. Then I decided to deactivate my personal facebook account which means I am no longer visible but can use Messenger. I did baulk at actually deleting the page but knowing me I will be back in 3 months (my longest previous sabbatical away from Facebook). This all leaves me with a Facebook & Twitter page for my football blog and a Twitter account for this blog.

I log out of many apps on my phone so not to be alerted to pointless notifications and distracted further and sit in the garden reading “Two Kinds of Truth” by Michael Connelly about Bosch the LA detective (also seen on Amazon Prime).

It really has been liberating to withdraw from the noise of our phones and rest up in the relaxation of a good read. Lets face it, one tweet or post is old news in 30 minutes and sometimes big debates online really wind you up. Like the great debate this weekend in the UK where people seem to have forgotten there is a virus about and decided to gather in groups, enjoy the bank holiday weather, get drunk and celebrate the end of the second world war by possibly causing a second rise in Covid-19. The online debate is polarised hugely and sometimes it can be interesting to read both sides of the debate. Yet other times it just boils my piss and I have to leave it.

I am currently halfway through “Two Kinds of Truth” and enjoying it so much I have ordered two further books by Connelly, “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Angels Flight”. Both have great reviews so I plan to spend the rest of the summer putting the phone down and putting my feet up with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Taking myself away from all the noise.

6 thoughts on “Put down the phone and read

  1. Good for you! I waste hours of my life attached to a phone. I think it’s a major problem in western society and stops us from paying attention to the things and people that matter. TFL say it so well when you see the ‘mind the app’ posters at the tube stations. Clearly probably put phone browsing above their personal safety.

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    1. We are all guilty of wasting hours of our time on a phone. Having so much time recently has made me think about making slight adjustments. Hopefully it will clear the head or all the junk flying around inside it.

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