The New Normal

We made it to Friday, hoorah and we can look forward to a weekend off work. That opening sentence probably makes it sound like this week has been a long, tough and stressful one but in fact it has been quite the opposite. I was off Monday and Tuesday, worked Wednesday and Thursday with Friday being a work from home day so it has been a very light week for me.

Having worked the last two weekends it is nice to know I am off for the following two weekends. So what have we been up to this week?

We smashed the new series of the Last Kingdom on Netflix which we have been waiting patiently to be released. All ten episodes were watched in just five days it was that good. The series is based on a true story of Uhtred, a warrior born a Saxon but raised by Vikings and set around the battles in England between the invading Danes and Saxons in Wessex, Northumbria and Mercia. It is fair to say that the fourth series finishes allowing for another to be continued.

After several recommendations I have decided to watch Bosch on Amazon Prime based on the crime thriller of a LAPD detective. I know I am very late to the party with this one as there are numerous series been produced already but I am yet to hear a bad word about it. The books have also been recommended to me and I have purchased Two Kinds of Truth written by Michael Connelly which is based on Harry Bosch.

With having so much time on my hands now I really wanted to start reading again. I read several news articles and blog posts a day and I considered downloading the book on Kindle but you know what? I really wanted to get away from looking at screens all day and read an actual book, pages and all that.

Over the last week a new saying has emerged, The New Normal. I have heard it mentioned on the television, radio and my wife`s conference calls. As our thoughts start to move towards a relaxation of the lockdown here in the UK, many are discussing the ways in which we may work in the near future. Will some of our habits change? More home working for instance?

Hopefully things will change. People will be more aware of cleanliness, hygiene and leaving their cars at home. Many who work in offices or visit several offices in a day like area managers will hopefully see the benefits of working from home a couple of days per week rather than clogging up the roads all the time. It has made such a difference to me having the motorways and roads empty. Rather than leaving work at rush hour after a long ten hour day then have to crawl twenty miles in over an hour to get home, I find it takes thirty minutes and I arrive home fresh and without stress. Even if a smaller percentage of people think differently in the “new normal” and resist the use of the car it would make a huge impact on traffic and pollution.

I have enjoyed working from home today as it really is a new concept to me. Fair to say there has been plenty of time to hoover the house, do all the clothes washing, put the drying away, pop to the shop ,etc in between the calls and emails. Today is actually a catch up day so it really is just about sorting out the inbox and admin tasks. As I type I am in the office which is in the master bedroom up on the third floor. Our bedroom is huge being in the loft space so there is space for a king size bed, exercise bike and the office in the corner with plenty of room to spare. Directly below me our son is doing his online schooling followed by gaming and chatting to his friends and then my wife is directly below him working on her laptop in the front dining room. The dogs split their time between me and the my wife but it depends on who has food at anyone time.

Soon it will be time to power down the work phone and start making dinner. Then it should be feet up and binge watch some television. Enjoy your weekend.

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