Monday Monday

Monday so far has seen me be slightly grumpy and very tired after several early starts working the weekend. Add some alcohol in the form of cold beers yesterday evening and you could probably add sluggish to grumpy and tired. I had achieved the grand total of hoovering the house and tinkering with my blogs theme so far this morning. I glance up at the clock on the kitchen wall and it’s already 1pm, time waits for no man they say.

Ideally I should do some exercise today either a nice bike ride or even a 5k run to blow off the cobwebs but my legs are as tired as my brain this morning so it’s fair to say the chances of any exercise other than pushing a vacuum cleaner around the house are slim at best.

My wife has gone into work for a few hours probably to save her sanity as working from home in the dining room all week can send you slightly insane I guess. Once again we had to jump on our youngest child’s head at 9am to get him up for “school”. His online lessons should start around 9am but as usual he needed much encouragement to lever him out of bed and downstairs. What do you expect for a 13 years old?

A number of ideas flow through my mind with things to do today, however I have little motivation and feel like I need plugging into the national grid to get myself fully up and running. You can see how the rest of the day will pan out for me can’t you? Sofa, television and scrolling through the internet whilst keeping the kettle busy with endless cups of caffeine. I bid you all a fond farewell, until next time.

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