As the title suggests I am massively guilty of overthinking when it comes to writing and blogging. In fact, I have just had a whatsapp conversation with a mate of mine about the very subject. Far too often I come up with writing ideas and within seconds have talked myself out of writing with any number of reasons why not to publish. Instead I should take my friends advice and just write.

The text conversation tonight was all based on having a lack of material to write about on my football blog seeing as the football season is currently off due to the Coronavirus. Despite thinking up a number of possible posts, I constantly worry about my audience and how to fit material around them.

Having a football site that covers various aspects of the sport and different clubs is good when friends help out and contribute with their own ideas and thoughts on their clubs but this also creates me issues as I try to accommodate everyone’s differing tastes. Yet if I wrote about one club then I would not get the hep from those friends as they support different clubs, see the dilemma? 

I overthink my posts on this site too. Who will read them? Will people find them interesting? all the usual self doubt we bloggers have to deal with. 

My friends advice is nothing new but nonetheless is spot on. He text “Just put stuff on your site, just write it and let the rest take care of itself. What is the worst that can happen? No one reads it? But you have done your bit what you wanted to.” He is right of course.

I often think I am not creative enough yet I have been writing for 6 years now and have started podcasting too. Thankfully the feedback in all that time has been positive so I cannot be doing much wrong then can I? I am creative the problem being is I talk myself out of writing and publishing my ideas.

Many a time I have read bloggers write about the same worries and dilemmas and the same advice comes back. Do not worry about the stats, do it for you, if you enjoy writing then write and do not worry if no one reads it. 

So I am off to draw up a list of post ideas. Hopefully self doubt will not creep in again and I get to publish them. 

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