Endlessly scrolling

After working all weekend I now find myself off for the majority of the week something I have been looking forward to for a while now, four whole days off and the weather continues to be behaving too in the UK which makes things all the better.

Due to having a couple of weeks off over the last couple of months I have managed to complete most of my house tasks which included getting the gardens up to scratch for Summer. With lockdown comes very little to do or places to go so no longer am I ticking off jobs lists on my days off. No trips to the recycling tip or visiting the car wash as they are all closed. No trips to see my 82 year old dad to protect him from any possible virus, the list of things I am no longer doing goes on which means I have less to do when off which isn’t always a bad thing.

So the following week will comprise of lazy mornings catching up online with what is happening in the world, reading and commenting on blogs all over a couple of cups of caffeine. Then I plan to go out on my road bike and get back into my cycling. I have already ticked off over 50 miles cycling in two rides so I am hoping to get out most of this week and enjoy the empty roads and countryside on two wheels.

With having so much time on my hands, I have noticed how I spend so much time with my phone in my hand endlessly scrolling through Twitter and Facebook but actually not reading what I am viewing. It is almost a blindness to the screen through boredom. After putting down my phone I inevitably ask myself “What did I just read?” and the answer is very little. Not through poor content just because I am on autopilot and pick up my phone out of habit rather than seeking articles to read.

To combat this I plan to do a number of things.

Firstly, I have deleted the Facebook app off my phone. I do not plan to disappear from Facebook but I find constantly viewing my news feed is irritating me and unless I delete the app, I will continue to check my feed “just one more time” only to be bored stiff by what I see.

Secondly, I will allow myself set times to go onto social media thus reducing the times I pick up my phone and scroll through it without actually taking notice. I do enjoy catching up with the world first thing in the morning over a cuppa with the patio doors open letting in the early morning sunshine. Once I have caught up then the phone is to go away until later in the day, early evening to be precise. Then there will be plenty of content from the day worth catching up on. I will need to be disciplined to stick to this regime but by doing it today I have spent more time with my son helping him through his school work and playing out afterwards in the garden with him. Less distractions equals more special time.

One of the issues is that I have so many social media accounts due to running my other website. So I have a personal Facebook profile and a business page for my football site. Then I have two Twitter accounts, one for personal and this blog and the other for the football site. When it comes to Instagram I have a personal account there too. If I had to read, post and review on all those accounts I wouldn’t get anything else done would I? This is why I have to put these new practices into place.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was just the one social media application for all? Simple enough.

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