Diary of our lockdown – Part 2

Here I document the second part of my time off work in lockdown in the UK. You can read how my first few days off went here, we had DIY haircuts and DIY around the house too so here is how the rest of the week went.


Good Friday

Good Friday started with a 7am alarm call to get us up and out to do the weekly food shop, awesome! Normally the “big shop” in our house is done on a Saturday but we thought the supermarkets would be packed out this weekend with it being Easter and great weather so decided to get in and get out of there as soon as possible.

It turned out to be a wise decision as the queues were small at 8am and we managed to source everything we needed for the week ahead. It was satisfying to be back home and all the food packed away before 10am, job done.

By early afternoon I had pushed myself to go out for a run. I tentatively went out not knowing what to expect seeing as it has been around 6 weeks since I ran 10k and in that time I had gone back to square one.

I comfortably managed to run 3 miles having initially aimed for a minimum of 2 miles. Having felt ok at the 2 mile marker I aimed for another half a mile and before I knew it I had to finish on a nice round number, not 2.7 or 2.8 mile but 3.

A combination of the early start, the run and sat in the hot sun in the garden meant I dozed off in the afternoon only waking myself up snoring a couple of times. In the evening my brother who lives in California telephoned and we chatted for a full 2 hours. He too is in lockdown but managing fine as he only recently retired 6 months ago, but it sounded like what is happening in the UK is happening in the States too. Like a lack of toilet roll and pasta in the stores!

After all it’s a journey, doesn’t matter how fast you get there as long as you get there.

Saturday 11th April

By Saturday I had lost all track of days. Friday felt like a Saturday with doing the shopping on that day plus with being off and it being a bank holiday, you really can lose track of the days. Again I went out for a morning run only managing 2.5 miles as my legs were stiff from the run the day before. I was happy with dragging myself out in the sunshine and around the streets so no major hang ups for not hitting 3 miles again. After all it’s a journey, it doesn’t matter how fast you get there as long as you get there.

In the afternoon we soaked up the sunshine in the garden whilst listening to a twelve hour set by Manchester DJ`S from the Hacienda days back in the late 1980s early 1990s. It was being streamed for free and a way of encouraging people to stay at home. You could donate to the site and the monies raised went toward the Manchester night time economy that is suffering due to the lockdown.

Easter Sunday

Today is my last day off before returning to work. Once again I woke before the rest of the house and fed the pets before settling down with the laptop, a cup of tea and some Easter Egg chocolate whilst I punched out some blogs. I have really enjoyed waking around 8am, coming downstairs and sitting in the dining room with the patio doors open reading and posting blogs. With the birds chirping, the sun shining and not having to go to work, I have managed to have a nice routine first thing in the morning. I will have to continue this somehow when I return to work putting a little time aside to read blogs, comment on some and write my own posts. Just having that hour or so concentrating on this has been enjoyable.

By lunchtime we enjoyed a long walk out with the dogs in the warm sunshine. After seeing the forecast for the rest of the afternoon, I decided to push myself for one more run before Sunday dinner and the showers that were due.

I managed to run another two and a half miles before the legs felt too heavy due to the previous days exploits. Eight miles in three days is not too shabby and I am pleased I forced myself out for three days in a row. I’ll give myself two days off from the running whilst I am back at work before carrying on in midweek as the forecast looks good for the forthcoming week.

As is tradition at Easter we had a leg of lamb dinner with all the usual trimmings. The piece of lamb we bought would have fed us almost twice over and yours truly cooked it to perfection with some rosemary, oil and salt rubbed into it prior to cooking.

Now the showers appear to have cleared, my wife is snoozing on the sofa after devouring the lamb dinner and my attention is slowly being drawn toward the early alarm call tomorrow for work. Boo! but at least it is for double pay and hopefully I’ll be home by mid afternoon.

Overall I have fully enjoyed being off work during lockdown. We have been blessed with great weather and thankfully we haven’t got under each others skin once. I have enjoyed these nine days so much I really don’t want to return to work, can I just retire now?

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