Diary of our lockdown – Part 1

Being a key worker has meant my sanity has remained intact by getting out of the house, seeing people at work and avoiding looking at the same four walls all day. We decided not to cancel our week off work instead take advantage of some time away from work and feel like the rest of the population in lockdown. I thought it would be a good idea to diary my nine days off in lockdown, maybe I will look back at it in years to come fondly or otherwise?

Saturday 4th April

Why is it when you plan for a morning sleep in it never happens? After three 05:40am alarm calls this week and nodding off on the sofa in the evenings, my plan was for a lazy Saturday morning. Did that happen? Did it hell.

I started waking at 07:30am and I was up and downstairs by 8 whilst the rest of the house slept. There I was, sat at the dining room table with the laptop open on my blog with tea and toast by my side. The pets had been fed and were following me around like a bad smell and I was tapping away on the keyboard setting up a few posts for the week. My head was flowing with ideas and it hadn’t even turned 08:30am.

By late morning my better half and I were out walking the dogs getting some fresh air whilst toying with the idea of going for a run in the afternoon. Note: by late afternoon we were not running but actually wondering if 2.30pm was too early to “open the bar”! We had to show some restraint in the circumstances and went for a 4pm bar opening.

The evening started with a film classic in A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore followed by some Saturday night television. By 10pm we were all tucked up in bed probably due to the early start on the alcohol.

Sunday 5th April

We were promised warm temperatures and wall to wall sunshine on Sunday by the weather forecasters so the plan was to attend to the garden. My wife has come up with a plan for the rest of the week so we don’t waste our time off. Start the day with a cuppa in bed (made by me obviously!) before taking the dogs out for a morning walk. Then I am going to help her complete Couch to 5K so Monday, Wednesday & Friday we will be out doing short runs accompanied by fast walks to build up the stamina. Then the rest of the day is ours, hopefully we won’t get sucked into wanting a wine or beer because at this rate I will be looking for a wine that goes well with breakfast!

For the majority of the afternoon we painted fence panels, the shed and generally tidied the place up ready for the summer. Fingers crossed we get something like a summer after such a drab and wet Winter.

This evening saw the Queen speak to the country about the current lockdown and pandemic. Whatever you think of the Royal Family and it certainly has its faults (Prince Andrew for one) I still get a sense of pride when watching our Queen. Her Majesty certainly captured the right theme as always.


Monday 6th April

Despite planning on starting our Couch to 10k challenge on Monday morning, we never got passed the planning stage preferring to stay in bed with a cuppa for a bit longer. By the time we crawled out of bed we chose to cue up for the Post Office then cue up again for some bits at the supermarket. Although I like the current shopping experience in that the places seem quieter and not as hurried, I am getting bored of cueing everywhere I go.

In the afternoon I recorded another podcast with a friend of mine for my other blog. I usually try to keep the podcasts to around 55 minutes but we talked and laughed for an hour and twenty minutes. In the evening I set about editing it down which I successfully did but it is a shame I had to cut some things out. My perception is that podcasts over an hour will turn people off, is that the case? Anyone else have an opinion of a suitable length of podcast?

Whilst editing I saw the breaking news that our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was taken into intensive care at hospital due to his continuing symptoms of Covid-19. Whatever your political persuasion, I think we should all wish him well in his recovery.

Oops DIY haircut

Tuesday 7th April

Although a great little happened on Tuesday, there was one huge event that took place in our house. For the first time in 23 years of marriage my wife cut my hair! Had there been no lockdown it would never have happened but needs must given the barbers are all shut. I was expecting a buzz cut, with my head shaved the same length all over but much to my surprise she did as good a job as my barber. We did check out a few YouTube videos first showing how to blend the different lengths of hair with clippers then it was off to the bathroom to get a haircut. What’s the worst that can happen I thought? Soon enough most men will be walking around with the same DIY haircut anyway.

By the end I was sporting a new cut which was blended well with no lines around my head, and a tidy trim on top all done by the clippers. I was remarkably impressed especially as half way through neither of us were confident it would end well. It was all a bit of good fun too and I saved myself the £7 I usually pay for the privilege!

Wednesday 8th April

We have been fortunate with the weather on our week off work. Its typical isn’t it that we have great weather when we cannot go out for day trips although some idiots still flout the laws. I read about one such family of six who were stopped by police on the motorway driving from Wigan to the Lake District. Words fail me with these people. Are they living in a bubble, watching no news or are they just plain thick? One thing is for sure they certainly are selfish idiots.

Anyhow we spent the majority of the day in the garden soaking up the sun having to apply some factor 50 suncream to avoid getting pink and tender. As the week has gone on, the jobs list has reduced leaving us with a day to do nothing which was nice. In the evening we watched some old favourite movies such as Sister Act 2 and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. We have lost count how many times we have watched these over the years (both are almost 30 years old!) but they are a good watch considering there was very little on the television that we were interested in.

So there is Part 1 of our week in lockdown. Feel free to share what you have been up to during the week. Did you do something similar to us like DIY haircuts or do you have funnier stories to tell?

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