Tiny steps into podcasting

Since the New Year I have began a journey into podcasting on my sports blog. Self teaching myself what equipment to use, where to host, which editing software to use, etc. Whilst it has been relatively straightforward, there is still plenty of research to do before you get recording.

I have had some help along the way with a fellow blogger Jonathan Beckett who was also taking tentative steps into podcasting and he advised me which microphone to buy. It only cost me £25 from Amazon and the quality is superb. Then I taught myself how to use Audacity, a free software where you can edit your recording. The biggest headache was working out how to record the podcast over Skype.

My first recording was face to face and a mate of mine sat down with me and we chatted around the microphone which was straightforward. Even before the Coronavirus struck, I was aware that most of my podcasts would be recorded remotely as it can be difficult getting people together in a room to talk when it is much easier over the phone.

The advice I received was to use Voicemeeter, another free software where you can feed in your microphone, skype or other inputs and feed them into a recording. Voicemeeter comes in different styles and I opted for Voicemeeter Banana which is the middle spec of the software. This was the most difficult part of the setup getting my head around how and where the inputs are fed. However, after watching a few YouTube videos I managed to successfully set my microphone and Skype inputs up. One note of caution, you will need to turn off hearing your own voice through any headphones and just hear the other person as it is so off putting hearing yourself talk.

Originally I published my podcasts on Soundcloud which is a straightforward publishing website to use. It was easy to upload, create embedded links to attach to a blog post but the only downside for me is that you only get the first three podcasts free. Once you start publishing more than three podcasts on Soundcloud, you have to pay a subscription. Now I know it is only in the region of £7 per month but when I am paying every month for my self hosting site it can add up. Having said that I do recommend Soundcloud the only reason I left was due to costs as I make no money from my blogs whatsoever.

I have now chosen to post my podcasts on Anchor.FM a free site that also redirects your podcasts to Spotify and iTunes  for free saving a lot of work. Anchor is easy to use but I love the fact my recording will appear on Spotify and iTunes as a lot of people use those platforms to listen to music and pods.

So far I have published three podcasts and I am still learning how to edit professionally but I have found it enjoyable recording them. My friends who have contributed on the podcasts all appears keen to continue in the future.

You can listen to my podcasts here

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