Blowing out of my ass

After spending most of December and January building up my fitness by jogging either on the road or the treadmill at work, February struck and all that hard work went down the drain and I feel like I am back at square one – blowing out of my ass again.

Although my preferred choice of exercise is cycling on my road bike rolling through quiet roads and country lanes ticking off the miles I admit I am a fair weather cyclist so when winter strikes the bike is cleaned down and put away. To avoid all that hard work through spring and summer going to waste in winter I turned to running.

Just because I am fit enough to cycle up to 100 miles in one go doesn’t mean that I can then go and run over two miles, sounds strange doesn’t it? Well we use different muscles for different sports so my legs may be suited to riding for miles but when it comes to pounding the concrete they scream at me in agony. My legs are usually so stiff for the following couple of days after a run because of the lactic acid left in the muscles then I look and feel an old man getting up off the sofa or out of the car.

As I tentatively hit the pavements around where I live I only managed two miles before I was blowing out of my ass. My head was telling me “No more”, my lungs were burning and negatives vibes were convincing me I could go no further. I persevered each time and noticed that the more I ran, the fresher I felt at the end of the two miles. So I decided not to stop but carry on for a short while just another half mile here and there. Over the next two weeks my runs went from two miles to four and eventually my basic run was up to four miles. Slowly I had built up my fitness and stamina doubling the length of my run. Then four miles became five and I was in touching distance of the magic 6 miles (10km) distance I longed for and had not achieved for a number of years. Then when I hit the magic 6 mile target I felt so good, elated even but I then went another month before running again and ending up back at square one.

As I start at the beginning again I am helping my wife do the Couch to 5K as well as getting back on the road bike. In time I have no doubt I will build the fitness up again but it is so annoying to hit your target then in no time let it all slip away.

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