Everyday is like Sunday

Morrissey once sang “Everyday is like Sunday, everyday is silent and grey” which is a particular favourite tune of mine but for me those lyrics sum up nicely everyday under lockdown in the UK. OK so not every day has been grey, that’s just a technicality, we here in the North West of England have actually seen sunshine but you get where I’m coming from?

Once again this morning, I trudged down the stairs went into the back garden to let the cat in and and the dogs out and you could hear a pin drop. No cars starting up because no one is going to work, no vans driving up the road to deliver parcels it was like everyone was having a lie in.

Loving the empty roads

Being a “key worker” means I have to go to work which is a blessing in disguise because it is stopping me going insane being stuck looking at the same four walls. Therefore I am continuing to use the roads and motorways to get to and from work. No longer does my home journey take twice as long as my early morning drive with an average speed of 20mph. My left leg is made redundant as I no longer have to move in first gear ever so slowly along the roads at the tea time rush hour. No longer do I see eight lanes of crawling traffic whichever direction I look when on the motorway. Believe it or not I can actually drive at the 70mph speed limit on a drive home, unheard of any other time. Please note, 70mph is enough due to those pesky yellow cameras hidden behind signs on the new “Smart Motorways” don’t get me started on the not-so-smart motorways. I’m using less fuel, pumping out less pollution and I return home feeling less stressed since Covid-19 arrived.

All you hear is people gardening and doing DIY

Whilst out walking the dogs there has been a couple of things that have been obvious to me. Firstly, as most people have little to do they have decided to clear out the shed, garage, mow the lawns, paint the fences, (delete as applicable). The weather has helped with Spring finally arriving but I suspect most people’s house now will be immaculate from all the DIY done to fill the time. I’ve heard lawn mowers, people hammering, all manner of jobs that have been put off all winter are now being done.

People seem more sociable

Something that has struck me whilst either walking the dogs or popping to the shops has been how the human race appears far more sociable. Everyone says “Hello” or “Good Morning” when out on a walk, more so than ever. Whilst in the supermarket aisles people are more apologetic if they feel they are in my way or keener to move out of the way once they have selected something from the shelves. The cues to enter the supermarkets are orderly with a calmness from people usually unseen or unheard of. Normally we have such busy lives with everyone in a rush so we have no time to let on nor have any awareness of others around us. Having so much time off now during lockdown seems to have made people pause and realise it isn’t just all about them.

I would rather Covid-19 wasn’t here

Do not confuse my words for thinking that I am happy the world is in the grip of a pandemic, I am not but there appears a real shift in people’s attitudes and whilst lockdown is in place, I shall enjoy hassle free motoring on my commute to work and a new supermarket experience.

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