Hi Bob here. I am a husband, a dad to two teenage boys as well as two dogs and one cat. If you are wondering why the blog is called Bob, well let me enlighten you. My nickname for the last twenty years at work has been “Bob” named so because of my surname Hope. Those of a certain age will get why. For those lucky enough to be far to young to remember, there once was a famous actor called Bob Hope. Bet your glad I cleared that up aren’t you?

Anyhow, I work full time and try to spin all those plates without dropping any. Add a love for blogging, sport especially football & cycling and I have pretty much filled up all my time.

This blog is intended to record my trials, tribulations, achievements and thoughts in my life. Whilst having a love for typing words on here, I also run a football website The Half Time Pie so as you can see my life is busy.

The hope is I may write posts that people actually like reading and to be part of a blogging community. Realistically, if nothing else it is a place I can get things off my chest and have something one day I can look back on with a bit of pride.

I may rant, swear but ultimately it is all a bit of fun and hopefully something you enjoy enough to return again.

You can email me at bobwhoblogs@outlook.com

I can be found floating around the internet on Twitter.


To read Bob`s posts hit the “Blog” button.

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